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Religion : beyond a concept / edited by Hent de Vries.

New York, N.Y. : Fordham University Press, 2008 Monografie
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Amicus Nr.: 5997949 Altri autori Vries, Hent de Editore: New York, N.Y. : Fordham University Press, 2008 Descrizione fisica: xiv, 1006 p. ill. 24 cm Collana: The future of the religious past ISBN: 9780823227259 Soggetti: Religione Disciplina: 200. Accesso elettronico Abstract dell'editore Contiene: Boyarin, Daniel aut. . Christian invention of judaism Taylor, Charles, 1931- aut. . Future of the religious past Hervieu-Léger, Danièle aut. . Religion as memory Das, Veena aut. . If this be magic ... Marion, Jean-Luc aut. . Metaphysics and phenomenology Lévinas, Emmanuel aut. . What no one else can do in my place Derrida, Jacques aut. . Abraham, the other Atlan, Henri aut. . From french Algeria to Jerusalem Otten, Willemien aut. . Nature as religious force in Eriugena and Emerson Szafraniec, Asja aut. . Inheriting the wound Nancy, Jean-Luc aut. . A deconstruction of monotheism Adriaanse, H. J. aut. . After theism Debray, Régis aut. . Teaching religious facts in secular schools. Bremmer, Jan aut. . Secularization Molendijk, Arie L. aut. . An alternative view of christianity Droogers, André F. aut. . As close as a scholar can get. Casanova, José aut. . Public religions revisited. Masuzawa, Tomoko aut. . Troubles with materiality Stolow, Jeremy aut. . Salvation by electricity Vries, Hent de aut. . Introduction Weber, Samuel aut. . Toward a politics of singularity Lambek, Michael aut. . Provincializing God? Aupers, Stef aut. . Cybergnosis. Cohen, Job aut. . Social democracy and religion Meyer, Birgit aut. . Religious sensations. Warner, Michael aut. . Is liberalism a religion? Zito, Angela aut. . Can television mediate religious experience? Asad, Talal aut. . Reflections on blasphemy and secular criticism Largier, Niklaus aut. . A "sense of possibility" Sullivan, Winnifred Fallers aut. . Neutralizing religion Maas, Sander van aut. . Intimate exteriorities. Versteeg, Peter aut. . Renewing time Alexandrova, Alena aut. . Death in the image Spyer, Patricia aut. . Christ at large Veer, Peter van der aut. . Spirituality in modern society Pranger, M.B. aut. . Religious indifference Aupers, Stef aut. . Sacralization of the self Nirenberg, David aut. . Politics of love and its enemies. Halsema, Annemie aut. . Horizontal transcendence Watling, Tony aut. . Field of religion and ecology Carlson, Thomas A. aut. . Religion and the time of creation Drees, Willem B. aut. . "Religion" in public debates. Assmann, Jan aut. . Translating gods. Lingua: Inglese
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