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Principles of molecular virology / Alan J. Cann

5th ed. Amsterdam [etc.] : Elsevier Academic press, 2012 E-book
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Amicus Nr.: 6607298 Autore Cann, Alan J. Altri autori ScienceDirect Editore: Amsterdam [etc.] : Elsevier Academic press, 2012 Descrizione fisica: 1 testo elettronico (PDF) ix, 303 p. ill. ISBN: 9780123851680 Soggetti: Virus - Genetica Virologia Malattie da virus Disciplina: 579.2 Abstract: Principles of Molecular Virology, Fifth Edition, provides an introduction to modern virology. Viruses are submicroscopic, obligate intracellular parasites that are more diverse than all the bacterial, plant, and animal kingdoms combined. The book examines protein-protein, protein-nucleic acid, and protein-lipid interactions, which control the structure of virus particles; the ways in which viruses infect cells; how viruses replicate; and the effects of virus infection on host organisms. The book begins with a history of virology, tracing the development of knowledge and research on virology. The remaining seven chapters deal with the function and formation of virus particles; the structure and complexity of virus genomes; virus replication; gene expression; virus infections; the effects of virus infection on the body and the bodỷs response to infection; and subviral agents, such as satellites, viroids, and prions. The text concludes with three appendices that feature a glossary and abbreviations; a classification of subcellular infectious agents; and an outline of the history of virology. (A cura dell'editore) Accesso elettronico Accesso al full text riservato a utenti UNITN. Altro supporto fisico: Cann, Alan J. aut. . Principles of molecular virology. 5th ed. Amsterdam [etc.] : Elsevier Academic press, 2011. 9780123849397 Lingua: Inglese
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