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Consumer society : critical issues and environmental consequences / Barry Smart

Los Angeles, Calif. [etc.] : Sage, 2010 E-book
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Amicus Nr.: 6670283 Autore Smart, Barry Altri autori SAGE Knowledge Editore: Los Angeles, Calif. [etc.] : Sage, 2010 Los Angeles, Calif. : published online by Sage, 2012 Descrizione fisica: 1 testo elettronico (PDF) Bibliografia: Bibliogr. ISBN: 9781446251300 Soggetti: Consumo - Aspetti socio-culturali Consumo - Aspetti ambientali Consumatori - Comportamento Disciplina: 306.3 Abstract: Has consumer culture got out of hand? Are the costs of universal access and pollution too great to bear?This comprehensive, lively and informative book will quickly be recognized as a benchmark in the field. It brings together a huge set of resources for thinking about consumer culture and examining its origins and consequences within a global context. Adept in handling a complex range of theories, Consumer Society scrupulously uses examples throughout to inform and enhance understanding. Smart writes with verve and feeling and has produced a book that simultaneously covers and enlarges our understanding of consumer culture. Clear, engaging and original, this book will be important reading for all those interested in our global culture of consumption including students of sociology, social geography and cultural ... (A cura dell'editore). Accesso elettronico Accesso al full text riservato a utenti UniTrento. Altro supporto fisico: Smart, Barry aut. . Consumer society. Los Angeles, Calif. [etc.] : Sage, 2010. 9781847870506 Lingua: Inglese
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