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The epigenetics revolution : how modern biology is rewriting our understanding of genetics, disease and inheritance / Nessa Carey

London : Icon, 2012 E-book
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Amicus Nr.: 6703478 Autore Carey, Nessa Altri autori EBSCOhost Editore: London : Icon, 2012 Descrizione fisica: 1 testo elettronico PDF ([7], 339 p.) Note: IN ACQUISIZIONE UNITN ISBN: 9780231530712 Soggetti: Genetica molecolare - Influssi ambientali Disciplina: 572.865 Abstract: Epigenetics can potentially revolutionize our understanding of the structure and behavior of biological life on Earth. It explains why mapping an organism's genetic code is not enough to determine how it develops or acts and shows how nurture combines with nature to engineer biological diversity. Surveying the twenty-year history of the field while also highlighting its latest findings and innovations, this volume provides a readily understandable introduction to the foundations of epigenetics.Nessa Carey, a leading epigenetics researcher, connects the field's arguments to such diverse phenomena as how ants and queen bees control their colonies; why tortoiseshell cats are always female; why some plants need cold weather before they can flower; and how our bodies age and develop disease. Reaching beyond biology, epigenetics now informs work on drug addiction, the long-term effects of famine, and the physical and psychological consequences of childhood trauma. Carey concludes with a discussion of the future directions for this research and its ability to improve human health and well-being. (A cura dell'editore). Lingua: Inglese
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