02569nam a2200397 i 4500000006708430CaOOAMICUS20191030134722.0191008t20151996xxu es 000 0 eng c9781119183471(OCoLC)1153200768000006708430IT-TrCBitaNRA005.8222Schneier, Bruceaut.(OLS)http://cbt/name/281391Applied cryptography :protocols, algorithms, and source code in C /Bruce Schneier.2nd ed.New York, N.Y. [etc.] :Wiley,2015, c1996.1 testo elettronico (PDF) (XXIII, 758 p.)Bibliogr.: p. 675-741This new edition of the cryptography classic provides you with a comprehensive survey of modern cryptography. The book details how programmers and electronic communications professionals can use cryptography - the technique of enciphering and deciphering messages - to maintain the privacy of computer data. It describes dozens of cryptography algorithms, gives practical advice on how to implement them into cryptographic software, and shows how they can be used to solve security problems. Covering the latest developments in practical cryptographic techniques, this new edition shows programmers who design computer applications, networks, and storage systems how they can build security into their software and systems. (A cura dell'editore).Crittografia.(OLS)http://cbt/subject/21342Elaboratori elettronici - Misure di sicurezza.(OLS)http://cbt/subject/156533Telecomunicazioni - Misure di sicurezza.(OLS)http://cbt/subject/336383Wiley Online Libraryoth.(OLS)http://cbt/name/867643Schneier, Bruce aut. .Applied cryptography.Second ed.New York, N.Y. [etc.] : Wiley, c1996.0471117099()3114998TN_UNIVERSITATN_UNIVERSITA166ON_LINE6u-Ebook 01010NO9758055ON_LINE_160789758055 268239/M 3https://webapps.unitn.it/Biblioteca/it/Web/LibriElettroniciDettaglio/125506Accesso al full text riservato a utenti UniTrento.0Crittografia (Informatica)Criptografia0209781119183471(OLS)http://cbt/number/4093750082005.8222(OLS)http://cbt/classification/196331245Applied cryptography :protocols, algorithms, and source code in C(OLS)http://cbt/title/590472